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General Formatting

  • If including an abstract, please add it to the beginning of the publication in italics and insert a horizontal line between the abstract and the beginning of your text.

  • While most JoDS articles are between 3,000 and 5,000 words, the journal is open to accepting publications of various lengths, formats, and styles.


  • All submissions should be fully and properly cited.

  • PubPub offers the opportunity to include “footnotes” that appear as hyperlinked notes within the text and to include citations, which link to a proper bibliography at the bottom of the Pub.

  • All images must contain an attribution even if they are created by the author. Captions are also strongly encouraged.


  • We encourage authors to complete their PubPub profile pages

  • Authors can include a brief (50-200 word) bionote at the end of a publication that highlights information relevant to the publication’s subject.