The worlds of Design and Science are inextricably linked. Science is informed by Design. Design is a science. The interactions between the two are powerful, subtle, often unrecognized.

The Journal of Design and Science (JoDS), a joint venture of the MIT Media Lab and the MIT Press, forges new connections between science and design, breaking down the barriers between traditional academic disciplines in the process. Targeting readers with open, curious minds, JoDS explores timely, controversial topics in science, design, and society with a particular focus on the nuanced interactions among them.

Challenging both traditional academic silos and the established publishing practices associated with them, JoDS is hosted on a collaborative, open-access, open-review, rapid publication platform that actively invites community participation and supports rich, multimedia content. JoDS empowers authors and readers to engage in fruitful, ongoing and above all stimulating conversation and debate about their work and ideas.

All JoDS articles are published under a CC-BY 4.0 License.

ISSN 2470-475X

Editorial Board

JoDS is shepherded by a team led by MIT Media Lab Director Joichi Ito, and published in partnership with the MIT Press. The following is a list of the JoDS editorial board members.

Ben Fry principal of Fathom, a design and software consultancy located in Boston

Bob Langer David H. Koch Institute Professor

Daisy Ginsberg artist, designer, and writer

Danny Hillis co-founder of Applied Invention

David Benjamin founding Principal of The Living and Assistant Professor at Columbia GSAPP

George Church professor at Harvard and MIT

Hans Ulrich Obrist co-Director of the Serpentine Galleries, London

Kevin Esvelt assistant professor of the MIT Media Lab

Kevin Slavin  Chief Science and Technology Officer, The Shed 

Liz Diller founding partner of Diller Scofidio + Renfro (DS+R)

Neri Oxman Sony Corporation Career Development Professor and Assistant Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at the MIT Media Lab

Paola Antonelli Senior Curator of the Department of Architecture & Design as well as the Director of R&D at The Museum of Modern Art, New York City

Peter Galison Joseph Pellegrino University Professor at Harvard University


About PubPub

PubPub, the open source platform supporting JoDS, is designed to socialize the process of knowledge creation by integrating conversation, annotation, and versioning into both short and long-form digital publication. Now in v.4+, PubPub has an extensive feature set that includes support for rich commenting and review, as well as images, video, web embeds, LaTeX math, footnotes, and bibtex citations.